Meet the Venue Coordinators:

Paige and Kayla Jennings whom both with degrees from Stetson University furthered their education and became certified event planners they have been in the service industry for over a decade. From serving to bartending and everything in between they have experienced all that the catering world could be. Kayla spends her time focusing on the brides and being their helping hand while Paige focuses the the event planning and bookings. Both girls have invested the past 8 years helping develop and grow the vision of Bill and Franks catering as well as the development of Venue 142.

With the opening of Venue 142, Paige and Kayla now have a place to call their own. They are both very hands on and love working with clients to make all of thier parties come to life. 

Meet the Owners:

Bill and Frank Jennings, twin brothers both who have been in the service industry for 30 years. From the age of 19 they owned and operated one of Volusia counties most popular sports bar as well as “Yesterdays Restaurant”. As they grew and developed their business they expanded their dominance in Deland. In 2000 Bill and Frank opened “Fish Tales Seafood Restaurant”; their third business on the corner Rich and Woodland Boulevard. Four years later they changed the vision of Fish Tales and open “Brickhouse Grill” which became a Deland staple for 14 years.


After 14 years Bill and Frank decided that they wanted to downsize their restaurant business and continue to focus on their catering. They have recently sold Byte Bistro because they no longer wanted to have any fully functioning restaurants. Bill and Frank both saw the opportunity to serve and give back to the community as an indoor catering and event hall in the heart of downtown Deland. With their vision, they were able to transform Brickhouse Grill into the now popular historical Venue 142! As well as the space ABOVE Byte Bistro called The 2nd Floor! We are also no longer Affiliated with Byte Bistro but are extremely excited to continue to provide lifelong memories for years to come!